The Visual Arts Alliance is a consortium of national visual, media, and craft arts service organizations comprised of artists, curators, art museums, artist-run centres and art dealers, brought together by the Visual Arts Summit in November, 2007.


  • The Alliance’s objective is for many voices to speak simultaneously with a common message. Partners agree to develop and adopt policies consistent with the vision of a Collective Agenda in mind, and to support and advise one another when an issue arises involving multiple parties of interest.
  • The Alliance is not intended to replace the specific advocacy initiatives that our organizations already engage in. However, in areas of common interest, the Alliance will organize joint advocacy initiatives with a statement and key message.
  • The Alliance does not exist as a formal organization or institution, but rather as a communication network of associations representing the interests of the visual arts milieu. The organizations agree to attend regular meetings and to continue an ongoing dialogue with one another, in order to work on a collective purpose and vision allowing us to advance the visual arts in Canada.
  • Not all partners will necessarily participate in all initiatives; each partner retains the right to refrain from any initiative.

Collective Agenda

A Collective Agenda to be fulfilled by the Summit Partners was developed at the Visual Arts Summit:

  • To satisfy the public’s growing demand for participation in visual culture;
  • To communicate the sector’s needs with a united voice;
  • To provide a secure livelihood for artists;
  • To acknowledge the varied cultures of the indigenous peoples of this land;
  • To reflect the diversity of our society; and
  • To strengthen the institutions that advance the visual arts.