Association des groupes en arts visuels francophones
AGAVF acts as the national arts service organization representing visual arts groups in minority Francophone communities. It also lobbies on behalf of the minority Francophone visual arts sector to raise awareness of, and increase funding for, the sector among the major funding agencies; represents and positions the sector with other like-minded associations across the country; articulates the contribution of the visual art sector in the context of the development of Francophone communities, initiates and supports collective strategies to improve professional development, to strengthen members structures and to promote the work of artists belonging to its member organizations.

Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference/Conférence des collectifs et des centres d’artistes autogérés
ARCA defends and promotes the value of artist-run culture in the visual arts and advocates for its better recognition. It strengthens artist-run centre associations all across Canada and advocates for their needs. For the benefit of its members, it realizes studies and collects data on relevant issues. Representation and service organization, ARCA works toward the full recognition of artist-run centres and collectives, and promotes the amelioration of socio-economical conditions for artists and cultural workers in its network. It participates in the development and visibility of visual and media arts across Canada, and contributes to define cultural issues that need to be addressed in Canadian society.
Canadian Art Gallery Educators
Founded in October 1985, CAGE described itself as "an independent group of professionals interested in furthering the cause of art museum/gallery education in Canada." The group is affiliated with the Canadian Society for Education through Art and the Canadian Museums Association (CMA). Originating at a time when gallery education began to develop more professionally, CAGE membership has expanded to include a broad network of public, educational and community programmers.
Canadian Art Museum Directors Organization/Organisation des directeurs des musées d'art canadiens
CAMDO is a professional association whose members direct public art galleries ]and art museums throughout Canada. The association’s purposes are to provide a forum for the exchange of information and networking; to support members' professional development; to consult with federal agencies and departments around issues pertinent to the public gallery and visual arts sector; and to maintain standards of ethics and practice for the members.
Canadian Crafts Federation/Fédération canadienne des métiers d’art
The CCF is the national arts service organization that represents provincial and territorial craft councils and the Canadian craft sector. It advances and promotes the vitality and excellence of Canadian craft nationally and internationally to the benefit of Canadian craftspeople and the community at large.
Canadian Artists’ Representation/Front des artistes canadiens
CARFAC believes that artists, like professionals in other fields, should be paid for their work and share equitably in profits from their work. As the national voice of Canada’s professional visual artists, CARFAC defends artists’ economic and legal rights and educates the public on fair dealing with artists. In doing so, CARFAC promotes a socio-economic climate conducive to the production of visual arts. CARFAC engages actively in advocacy, lobbying, research and public education on behalf of artists in Canada.
Independent Media Arts Alliance/Alliance des arts médiatiques indépendants
The IMAA is a member-driven non-profit national organization working to advance and strengthen the media arts community in Canada. Founded in Yorkton, Saskatchewan in November 1980, today the IMAA represents over 80 independent film, video, audio and new media production, distribution, and exhibition organizations in all parts of Canada. The IMAA serves over 12,000 independent media artists and cultural workers.

Canadian Museums Association/Association des musées canadiens
The CMA is the national association representing museums, galleries and other related cultural institutions in Canada on both a national and international level. Established in 1947, the CMA is also responsible for the Museums Foundation of Canada, its new key fundraising affiliate. Our membership is close to 2,000 including large and small institutions ranging from community museums to major metropolitan galleries, science centres to specialized institutions, artist run centres to aboriginal cultural centres.
Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec
Created in 1989, RAAV is the association elected to represent all professional artists involved in a visual art creation process. RAAV’s mandate comes from the Act Respecting the Professional Status of Artists in the Visual Arts, Arts and Crafts and Literature, and Their Contracts with Promoters (Act S-32.01). This law specifies the criteria of professionalism for artists, regulates their collective representation and makes it mandatory for the parties (users and artists) to sign contracts for any form of artwork use.
Royal Canadian Academy of Arts/Académie royale des arts du Canada
The RCA celebrates the achievements, innovation and vision of Canada’s visual artists through exhibitions and special events. We actively encourage and support emerging visual artists from across the country through scholarships and mentoring. We seek to facilitate an understanding of the importance of the visual arts as an aspect of our national identity, as cultural expression and as a source of social capital in our culturally diverse country.
Galeries Ontario / Ontario Galleries (GOG)
Galeries Ontario / Ontario Galleries marked its 50 year as an arts service organization (ASO) which represents over 260 members—public art galleries, museums, artist-run-centres, and arts organizations. Over 40 years, its annual award program has been defining the standards of excellence for the visual arts in Canada. Through advocacy on issues, policy, legislation to all levels of government, and delivery of innovative and cutting-edge professional development opportunities and network-building, GOG advances, empowers, and strengthens the visual arts sector in Canada.